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LA BOLA is a familiar restaurant located in the center of Madrid. Since 1870 its traditional cuisine has been well known in the city, always offering the best of the castillan cuisine to its customers.

Taberna LA BOLA is famous for its prime quality products, its environment and above all, for its best specialty, “cocido madrileño”, cooked the original way using oak charcoal at very low rate.
This place opened its doors back in 1870 and after 4 different generations of the same family, the original cooking process to make “cocido madrileño” is still being used. Oak charcoal and individual clay pots are the key elements. This ancient technique implies a number of difficulties since there is no state of art technologies implied. Nevertheless the enthusiasm and care that our staff puts into each plate turns out for a magnificent result. After 4 hours of elaboration the most authentic “cocido madrileño” is ready to be served.

Discover the recipe of our “cocido”


Chronicles of the Town and Court tell that back in 1802 there was a place in la Bola Street with las Rejas Street (nowadays Guillermo Rolland Street). The small place was frequented by workers and students.

In 1870 “La Rayúa” a woman from Asturias, matriarch of Los Verdasco family dynasty, transformed the restaurant. Nowadays this same dynasty owns the Restaurant, maintaining those same values and traditions as in 1870.

That same year both the “cocido madrileño” and Los Verdasco started their particular history that lasts until today. Newspapers form the beginning of the century narrates that in LA BOLA you could eat three different kinds of “cocidos”. At 12:00pm, the one of 1.15 pesetas, for workers and employees. At 1:00pm, the one of 1.25 pesetas with chicken, the preferred by students, and form 2:00pm onwards, the one with meat and bacon, the chosen one by journalists and senators.

This “cocido” is so good and unique that all different kind of people agrees when considering it the best and most traditional. All in this plate is different, from the cooking process to the way of eating it. Continuing with the familiar tradition, the “cocido” is cooked in its individual clay pot at very low rate using oak charcoal.

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